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 What is AlphaDEX

AlphaDEX is a scalable and efficient decentralized order book exchange platform on the Radix network. It provides a central order book and matching engine that can be seamlessly integrated into a wide variety of applications, whether it is a simple swap widget or a sophisticated trading platform.

 Advantages of an order book

  • Trade at a specified price.
  • No front-running.
  • No risk of impermanent loss.
  • Better supply and demand visibility at different prices.
  • More efficient liquidity (less slippage for same liquidity).

 Get paid to trade

To encourage liquidity provision on AlphaDEX, all market makers (placing trades that are not immediately executed) will earn a liquidity fee once their order is executed. So it is literally possible to earn (rather than pay) a fee for trading on AlphaDEX. Learn more.

 Aggregated liquidity & volume

By offering an exchange that integrates with many different dApps, AlphaDEX provides a central source of liquidity that all apps can contribute to and benefit from, avoiding the proliferation of small liquidity pools and low volume exchanges you often see in crypto.

 Build on AlphaDEX

AlphaDEX is made for builders. It provides all the functionality you would expect from a modern order book exchange and makes it easy for developers to integrate this functionality in their own apps and earn a fee when their users trade on the exchange. You can find out more about building on AlphaDEX here or start straight away with the Javascript SDK and API specification.

 Competitive fees

AlphaDEX wants to reward everyone who trades on the exchange. It not only aims to keep fees competitive, but up to 90% of fees are returned to participants. Learn more.


The Team

Fred LiebenbergFred Liebenberg - Founder and Developer:
Fred spent 25 years working in traditional finance before deciding to quit his job and focus on building the decentralized financial products of the future on Radix. He has been a Radix fanatic since 2019 and is also the Radix Ambassador for South Africa.
Rod Harris - Business Development and Socials:
Rod is a web developer, has worked in senior marketing roles and is passionate about media and communications in the technology sector. As a Radix loyal he is excited to join Fred on the founding team of AlphaDEX.
We are Growing:
We have recently introduced a back-end specialist developer and hope to include a front-end dev to our team in the very near future.